At Rainbow City Gardens, we offer garden programs to all ages, including senior citizens. As an experienced program provider for senior residences, we tailor our programs to accommodate the varied needs of the participants; with proper planning and care, gardening activities can be accessible and enjoyable for our elders.

Seniors deserve to have a great quality of life, and gardening can certainly be a positive experience with a multitude of opportunities and benefits:

  • Spending time outdoors, in fresh air and sunshine!
  • Light/non-strenuous movement and exercise
  • Connecting with nature
  • Social interaction, community, making new friends
  • Mental stimulation, learning new and interesting things
  • Growing and eating nutritious produce
  • Uplifting, stress-reducing activities that can improve their mood
  • Beautification of their environment

As some seniors are seasoned gardeners themselves, garden programs give them the chance to tap back into some of their knowledge and memories; they enjoy sharing and reminiscing about their gardening expertise! Others, however, may not have much gardening experience, but are still curious to try it out and learn something new.

With proper supervision and precautions, seniors have the opportunity to safely harvest and consume the produce that they’ve grown. They derive great enjoyment out of experiencing the seed-to-table process for themselves. We at RCG are also enthusiastic and open to connecting with the chefs in your cafeteria or dining hall to explore options for growing herbs and veggies that could be utilized in the kitchen.

With senior programs, the growing season lasts all year! There are many creative indoor garden-based activities that seniors enjoy; see the Workshops page for more info on the variety of year-round programming we offer, including microgreens, terrariums, and houseplant workshops. We can offer short-term workshops or long-term programs to suit the needs of your community.