Environmental Justice Changemakers Program

I’m thrilled with how this program went this summer! It was a 6-week long virtual apprenticeship program for 17 teens, in partnership with After School Matters and Carole Robertson Center for Learning. With their support, I created the entire curriculum from scratch! We learned about a variety of topics having to do with environmental justice– air, water and soil pollution and contamination, clean water access, plastic pollution, deforestation, climate change and food justice. The teens were amazing and super inspiring! Together we made an “EJ Zine” and Toolkit for Action, which has their articles, collages, a list of petitions, and relevant organizations! https://sites.google.com/asmprograms.org/environmental-justice-toolkit

I’m so proud of all of them. They gave me amazing feedback on the program also!

They all received a grow kit, and together we planted microgreens– for most of them, this was their first experience learning how to grow seeds!

I’ve been enjoying running programs online, and I would definitely like to continue to do so!

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