Terrarium workshop

I led a terrarium workshop with the 2nd and 3rd grade class at the Four Winds Waldorf School! Thanks so much to my friend and colleague Brenna McLachlin for bringing me into her classroom— their class is set up in a tent outside, which is a brilliant solution for keeping school in session while shifting to an outdoor learning model.

The kids were all super creative!
The terrariums turned out so cute 🙂
I gave the students step-by-step instructions on how to create their succulent terrariums using layers of lava rock, pebbles, charcoal, sand, soil, moss, shells, beads and crystals.
They did great, and had fun!
I love their outdoor classroom! I think this is a great model for safe outdoor learning. Very grateful to Brenna and the Waldorf school for having me!

One thought on “Terrarium workshop

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