Fun in the sun!

Summer has been HOT. I tell you what… we went from a late start in Spring to a full blown, ongoing heatwave.

In any case, we’ve still been planting, maintaining and harvesting, and having a blast! At CYC we got a bunch of delicious sweet peas recently:

And our first pepper!

We’ve been building up the large new garden space, planting tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. We’re excited about how its coming along! The vision that I had for this garden space during my Edible Lansdscape certification class is coming to life 🙂

Planting eggplants:

At Smart Love Preschool, the kids loved harvesting red potatoes!

We also love finding rainbows when we water our garden 🙂

The native wildflowers in our front garden are also blooming into so many different colors!

The veggies in our greenhouse are growing so big– tomatoes, basil, squash and corn!

At Urban Grower’s Collective Grant Park farm, the youth have been working hard to maintain the farm and to learn how to give tours to the public. We also have alot of fun in the process!


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